Undereye Filler

Hilangkan cekungan bawah mata, wajah jadi lebih muda dan segar kembali.

Saya Mau Perawatan Undereye Filler (Klik Di Sini)

Manfaat Undereye Filler (Bawah Mata)

  • Menghilangkan cekungan bawah mata
  • Mengisi kekosongan pada bawah kulit secara alami tanpa operasi
  • Masa pemulihan minimal (prosedur non-invasif)
  • Memicu produksi kolagen
  • Memberi efek melembabkan kulit
  • Hasil Instan

Why Ovela Clinic

  • Pengalaman lebih dari 9 tahun
  • Menggunakan produk aman berlisensi FDA dan Depkes
  • Dokter bersertifikasi dan berpengalaman

FAQ About Undereye Filler

  1. What is Undereye Filler?
    Injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) treatments, ex: Juvederm/Teosyal that can be used to treat volume loss underneath the eyes.
  2. When can I see results?
    Immediately. Filler treatments give INSTANT results, with minimal downtime.
  3. Is it permanent?
    No, Filler treatment is temporary. It lasts for approx 6-12months depending on every patient's body absorption.
  4. Is it safe?
    ✅ Only FDA approved & Depkes licensed filler products.
    ✅ Performed by an experienced doctor.
    ✅ Blunt cannules are used.
    ✅ HA fillers (reversible) are used.
    All the above are used in Ovela to achieve a higher level of safety.
  5. Is it painful?
    Anesthesia is used. Very minimal discomfort.
  6. How long is the procedure?
    15-30 minutes
  7. Is there any downtime?
    Bruising and redness on injection site may occur, but rare and manageable.
  8. Can I combine with other treatments?
    Yes, other treatments, such as lasers, botox, facials, PRP, dermapen, chemical peels can be done on the same day.


1cc Undereye Filler: Rp 6.000.000,-
Promo price: Rp 4.800.000,-

Only for new client, get SPECIAL PRICE:
Rp 4.320.000,- (see T&C)

  1. New client (never visited Ovela before)
  2. Must follow IG @OvelaClinic
  3. Must subscribe Youtube "Ovela Clinic"
  4. Also apply for additional cc of fillers (when needed)
    Ex: 1cc = 4.320.000
    2cc = 8.640.000

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