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Body sculpting treatment will do miracles to your localized fat areas, such as chubby cheeks, double-chins, pot-belly, fat thighs, flabby arms. Lipodissolve cocktails are injected to the fatty regions, that leads to local fat degradation.

Lipodissolve or slimming mesotherapy is a great alternative way for anyone wish to lose weight fast. Get rid of your belly fat with this amazing non-surgical fat loss treatment!

Benefits of Lipodissolve:

  • Relatively painless procedure and requires no anesthesia
  • Patients are able to lose the fatty deposits in a much gentler manner as it is a non-surgical nature
  • The chemical that dissolves the fat also acts as an agent to tighten skin, makes the skin surrounding removed fatty deposits to appear firm and contoured
  • Low occurrence of side effects and recovery is shorter

* Results for each individual may vary depending on several other factors. The information above is only a reference.

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