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Radio Frequency Technique for Perfect Body Contouring

Posted on September 10, 2012

Up to now, obesity or commonly known as overweight, has reached epidemic proportions and still remains a puzzling hot-topic in the country, specifically to those who care about their appearance. It is not just a cosmetic consideration, but also has a strong correlation with health conditions, which people do not understand or may ignore. Refer to general term, obesity, is a chronic medical condition with excessive amount of body fat, which is primarily caused by an imbalance between calories input and output. Thus, in order to achieve an ideal body weight, it is important to equalize energy intake and expenditure. A way to trick the body weight is either by lessening the diet to lower energy input or by increasing physical activities, resulting in a negative balance. Such habits would eventually encourage the body to metabolize the excessive body fat, causing more fat to be burned. A certain amount of body fat, however, is still necessary for storing energy, heat insulation, shock absorption, and body functions. Other possible contributing factors, in addition, include lack of physical activities, stress, medications, and genetic susceptibility that should also be considered.

Recently technologies have been used to bring solutions effectively for obesity. One of the latest slimming technologies, called Radio Frequency (RF) System, which uses heat energy, is known to be very successful in dissolving fat tissues. RF is usually recommended as a weekly initial treatment, at minimum of 6 times, then followed by a monthly treatment. This technique has then become tremendously popular in the world, as it is performed by a non-invasive body contouring machine that utilizes heat energy to increase cell metabolism, enhancing fat dissolution. Such fat loss impacts are very much desirable to gain the perfect body shape, as it reduces the circumference inches of fatty areas, commonly on abdominal region, upper thigh, buttocks, and arm. The RF slimming treatment series, however, may be idealized to be combined with other modalities, such as fat burner cocktails which are injected into the localized fat regions, slimming acupuncture, vacuum cryotherapy, cavitation, infra-red technologies, or even slimming pills as appetite suppressants; depending on the individual’s needs and preferences. Furthermore, use of electrical pulses in this RF system amazingly offers other benefits to the skin, in which, the penetrated heat may stimulate collagen production, tightening the skin, therefore is also applicable for a face-lift up procedure.

Still having troubles button up your skirts? You should not be as there are plenty treatment options that may be suitable for you. As yet, routine physical exercise is proven to give best results, but sometimes disliked. Therefore, combined slimming treatment may become the most favorable treatment of choice for overweight problems, in which, the appropriate combination may vary among individuals. Put in mind, that, every slimming treatment must go through a doctor consultation first, as one’s previous medical history may be taken into consideration; and a customized slimming program may be designed for each person differently.

Dr. Ovin Endah Lestari, B. Med. Sc

* Results for each individual may vary depending on several other factors. The information above is only a reference.

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